About the program

Tittle of the program:

Teaching of Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences  [ Distance Learning ]

Established and organized by:

Al-Fawzan International School ( Online Distance Learning)

Target Learners:

The individual members of the muslims Yoruba  around the world  ( male/female) and other muslims from any language both national and international.  

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Our Aims and Objectives

We are aiming at accomplishing the following:

Our Mission

Easing and bringing learning of Arabic Language closer  to the non- Arabic speakers , presenting Islamic awareness  in a sound and distinct way to the muslims  children around  the world through the modern electronic learning. 

Our Vision

To be come a distinct leader and  model in improving the Islamic- Arabic education, its performance and its cultural and practical outcome.


Electronic distance learning , Symposium, lectures , training and developing the human resource and abilities.   

Admission Condition and Students Rules:

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